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Edit Pages:
Pages->All Pages->click Edit next to the Page you want to edit
Hover over content to edit, place cursor inside content block and edit text

Add Link ->highlight text to link-> click Link icon (looks like chain link)->search for page or enter url, Press Enter, done. Similar process for email link, instead of url enter ‘mailto:[email protected]’ .

Upload Image ->click Media link in lefthand menu->press Add Media blue button near top->select file to upload
Insert Image -> place cursor on Page->click + plus sign upper left (Add Block)->select Image under Most Used section->press Media Library button->press Media Library Tab->select image
Optionally align image with text, press Left or Right align button. Click arrow up or down to to move block

News Posts
Select posts (upper left corner)->Add New->Edit post->Publish (upper right blue button)

Create Page
Pages->Add Page->enter title->Click Publish (righthand button)
Change page name: Pages->All Pages->under the page in question->Quick Edit->edit title, optionally add Password protection

Update Menu
Appearance->Menu->select page to add to menu->position menu item (indent to make dropdown menu item), click and drag->Save Menu